Bin Gravity Lock

Gravity Lock allows you to lock the lid of your wheelie bin to prevent unwanted spilling of waste. At the same time it allows for the bin to be emptied into the refuse removal truck via a self-activating gravity lock which releases automatically when the wheelie bin is lifted and tilted by the refuse removal truck’s lifting mechanism. This allows the lid to open in its normal way and the bin to be emptied into the truck.

The lock system has three operational modes:

  • In yard mode – with the cable on the side of the wheelie bin, the lid is unlocked and can be opened to add refuse.
  • Collection day – Pull the cables across the lid and lock the pin into the gravity lock (on the right side of the bin).The lid is now locked and can be placed out on the street shortly before refuse collection. The lifting action of the truck automatically unlocks the bin gravity lock and the bin will be returned to an unlocked state once emptied. Bin cleaning service providers are therefore still able to clean the bin after refuse removal.
  • Last minute access – you can at any time, even when the cable is locked for collection, unlock and open the lid using the owner’s key operated padlock (on the left side of the bin) to add or remove waste. Always ensure that this padlock is locked after this entry.

Binguard unit includes:

  • Gravity lock
  • Waterproof padlock with keys
  • Long cable
  • Lock plate
  • Short cable